How Assist worked with Sephora.

Sephora originally approached us because they wanted to drive more foot traffic into their stores. They wanted to solve this by increasing engagement for their class bookings. Assist collaborated with Sephora and developed their class booking experience. Overtime, more use cases were added like store feedback, beauty tips, and makeup try on via augmented reality across multiple platforms such as Facebook Messenger and Google Assistant.

  • Q3 2016
    Discovery Phase and Initial Development
    We worked with Sephora understand the initial experience that would work for their customers. Sephora also uses Timetrade, an Assist partner, to handle their class booking. During this phase, Assist built a streamlined experience allowing her to book a custom makeover.
  • November 4th, 2016
    Launch on Messenger
    Sephora Reservation Assistant launches officially on Facebook Messenger.
  • January 2017
    Store feedback and Customer Support
    Sephora adds the ability to share store feedback. Assist closely worked with Facebook on the handover protocol allowing a smooth transition between the automated experience and a live agent.
  • April 18th, 2017
    Facebook introduces Sephora on stage
    David Marcus, former head of Messenger, introduced Sephora on stage at the F8, Facebook Annual Developer Converence. Additionally the Sephora experience is featured in the Discovery Tab, the Facebook version of an App Store.
  • April 2017
    Sephora announces an increase of class booking by 11.8%
    "At Sephora, our goal with digital tools and innovation is always to meet the client where she already spends her time, which is why the Messenger platform capabilities appealed to us. We were excited about combining ease and utility for Sephora reservations — enabling our clients to book a makeover with us in seconds, just by messaging Sephora." -- Mary Beth Laughton, SVP of Digital, Sephora
  • May 2018
    Facebook introduces (again) the new Sephora AR experience.
    Assist partnered with Jam3, the leading augmented reality platform, to deliver the first Sephora augmented reality experience within Facebook Messenger. Customers can now try on makeup looks directly from Messenger, leveraging the Facebook AR Studio technology.